Latest Technology of cloud computing

While considering today’s businesses, they want secure application and data which are all accessible anywhere from any device. It is now possible with the cloud computing technology but there are also a few numbers of natural challenges to make it in reality. In order to ensure the secure business environment for your sensitive data, it is crucial to gather the benefits of the cloud technology by overcoming all of its challenges.

Different cloud technology challenges:

  1. DDoS attacks – As huge numbers of businesses and commercial operations move to the cloud platform, the cloud service providers are now becoming the biggest target for the various malicious attacks. DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are really very common than still before. Cloud, VeriSign reported IT services and SaaS were the most probably target industries during the initial months of the year 2015. But now the best DDoS attack is perfectly design to overcome the web servers so it will no longer respond to genuine user requests. If the DDoS attack is completely successful, it makes the website somewhat useless for a few hours or even for some days. It will result in the loss of profit, brand authority and customer trust. This is why it is crucial to offer the cloud services with the best DDoS protection for offering the state of the art security for all companies.

  2. Data breaches – Data breaches in the US in the year 2014 hit the record high of totally 738 based on the research. This is why it might become a very big challenge to secure the sensitive data for your businesses. If you have selected a right cloud service providing vendor with a strong security record, you can definitely overwhelm this data breaching related challenge.

  1. Data loss – When the business owners are moving their critical commercial data into the cloud, it is highly understandable to get the higher level of security. Loss of data from the cloud can occur due to the malicious tampering, accidental deletion or also the natural act by the cloud service provider. In order to face this challenge, it is highly very important to ensure that there is a disaster recovery process in your cloud service platform along with an integrated system to lessen the malicious attacks.

  2. Insecure access points – The greatest benefit of the cloud technology is that it can be accessed from any device and from anywhere. With this wide range of accessibility, the hackers can able to easily find such types of the weaknesses and use them perfectly. When it comes to the behavioural web application firewall, it examines all the related HTTP requests to the website in order to ensure it is legal traffic. It helps to protect the different web applications from the various security breaches.

There are also some other challenges in this cloud platform including notifications & alerts. Once the threat is identified in the cloud platform, altering that particular application or website manager should be a part of the best security plan. By this way, all the important business data will be secured with the minimized or no threats.